Saturday, December 24, 2005


In Europe, the pealing of bells has long been associated with peace. In times of war, church bells were often melted down to produce cannons; in times of peace, cannons were smelted to cast bells.
The bell of peace of the Alpine Region is a symbol of a geographically limited peace among European neighbors. The Association of Alpine Countries (ARGE ALP) was founded at the Inntaler Hof, Mösern, on 12 October 1972. It links eleven member provinces in Austria, Germany, Italy and Switzerland through cooperative agreements in culture, economy, agriculture and traffic.
The bell of peace rings daily at 17:00. It weighs 10,180 kg. and is 2.51 m. in height. The bell was cast at the Grassmayr Bell foundry, an Innsbruck family business since 1599, where there is also a museum in which various kinds of bells are exhibited and their history and manufacture explained.


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