Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stop the Next War

In His Name, Exalted

My Lord, I know that there will soon be a day

When angels will come to bear my soul away,

Then if I am asked whether I’d rather stay,

In answer I’m certain of what I would say:

“Don’t leave me in this cruel world any more

Unless it would be to stop the next war.”

The wars of today aren’t like those of old

When face to face stood strong champions bold;

No cluster bombs fell and it was a shame

To let any harm come to the sick or the lame.

“Don’t leave me in this cruel world any longer

Unless I can stand up for peace a bit stronger.”

Come listen to me Christian, Muslim and Jew!

The one God we worship knows all that we do.

He knows of the violence the torture and rape;

He knows every sin whatever its shape.

“God don’t let us stay here to shed each others’ blood;

Don’t let us forget why You sent down the Flood.”

“If you can’t believe, at least try to be free,”

Some such words were spoken by Husayn ibn Ali u.

Don’t be a blockhead for the oil industry

Or the war profiteers— our neo-aristocracy.

“Don’t let this cruel world be a prison for us

Of oppression and greed, fear, terror and lust.”

Now, cycles of violence have spun out of control;

Our national leaders don’t have peace as their goal.

Our children play games with as much blood and gore

As has traumatized soldiers who’ve come back from real war.

“God, I don’t care to stay in a world that’s so cruel,

Won’t you bring forth the Mahdi u and sweet Jesus u to rule?”

The hour is approaching, my race is nearly run;

The evening light is fading with the silently sinking sun.

Praise God for His blessings, and for hearts filled with song,

And may He forgive us for all that we’ve done wrong.

“Don’t leave me in this cruel world all alone,

Come bear me away or send one of Your own.”

When our lives are over what will our descendents say,

That we fought to protect our interests in the most aggresive way?

Or that we sought to protect the innocent from suffering and pain?

And that divine mercy in our works was made plain?

“Don’t leave me, dear Lord, in this cruel world any more

Unless it would be to stop the next war.”

Hajj Muhammad Legenhausen


20 May 2006


Blogger mohammed said...

Very beautiful poem, masha'Allah.

23 May, 2006 20:05  

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