Saturday, May 01, 2010

Plurality of Pluralisms

Below is the correct version of the article that has appeared with faulty typesetting here:

I hope that in the not too distant future this will be corrected in the pdf available on-line at the address above.
In the meantime, I can offer this:

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Blogger Luke said...

Dr. Legenhausen,

I run an interfaith interview podcast for which I have interviewed many philosophers, historians, and scientists about religion and morality. The goal of my podcast is much like the title of your blog: Peace Through Understanding. I give my guests lots of time to explain their views.

I would like very much to interview you for my podcast.

Past guests include:

>> Roger Trigg: philosopher at Oxford University
>> Tim Mawson: philosopher and theologian at Oxford University
>> Greg Ganssle: philosopher at Yale University
>> Ruth Chang: moral philosopher at Rutgers University
>> Don Loeb: moral philosopher at the University of Vermont
>> Stephen Finlay: moral philosopher at University of Southern California
>> Wes Morriston: Christian philosopher at University of Colorado, Boulder
>> Graham Oppy: philosopher of religion at Monash University
>> Evan Fales: philosopher of religion at the University of Iowa
>> Gregory Dawes: Bible scholar and philosopher of religion at University of Otago

If you're interested, please contact me at lukeprog [at]


Luke Muehlhauser

24 May, 2010 20:30  

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